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Bandoneon Lessons
Online & in Person

Bandoneon Teaching - Amichai Ben Shalev

For beginners and advanced


Personalized Methodology

  • Technique Bandoneon

  • Practice strategies 

  • Applied harmony on bandoneon

  • Musical expression

  • Tango

  • Classical and Contemporary music

Teaching approach

Many say that the bandoneon is a difficult and diabolic instrument due to the complexity of the keyboard, but I disagree! I believe that with the right approach anyone can learn to play the bandoneon and it should not be more difficult than learning the piano. Each student has different goals, but the instrument is the same, which is why I combine and apply principles of practice and technique according to each student. Some people just want to play a few tunes as a hobby, some want to play in a tango orchestra and some might want to be a soloist. I work with each student to decide on their goals and choose the right material and practice strategy. 

Teaching  Experience


Artistic Director

Proyecto Bandoneon, CienArte Foundation. Uruguay


Bandoneon Teacher and Tango Orchestra instructor

Escuela de Tango "Destaoriya", CienArte Foundation. Uruguay


Bandoneon Teacher

  • Conservatorio superior "Manuel de Falla" de Buenos Aires

  • Conservatorio de San Martin, Buenos Aires

  • Conservatorio de Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires

  • Escuela de Superior de Musica J.P. "Esnaola"

  • Escuela de Música no.6, Buenos Aires

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